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We are a private specialist clinic in Gothenburg in the field of medical gastroenterology and endoscopy.

Our clinic was founded in 2016 by three medical doctors who aim at providing the best medical care available. All doctors have profound medical experience as medical specialists and are active researches striving to continuously updating themselves within their field.As our patient no decisions will be made without your consent and you will play an active part in medical choices available. We are a service-minded team with direct accessibility and we will regard and respect you as the person you are.If you have special requests or concerns regarding your disease or procedures, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Vi bedriver specialistvård med fokus på mag- och tarmbesvär, men även inom det invärtesmedicinska området. Vår mottagning drivs av specialistläkare, med flexibla öppettider och garanterat korta väntetider.